‘My expectations at the outset were to learn some Yoga that I could practice at home, receive some Reiki treatments and explore other areas of self-care that I hadn’t experienced before.  What it gave me was so much more than that. Eileen is one of those people that truly listens and understands people’s needs. Instead of a prescriptive week by week plan Eileen tailored our sessions to meet my needs at that time through her own intuition and wealth of experience. This meant that not only was I learning new skills and receiving healing therapies, but I was in real time benefitting from each session as Eileen used her knowledge to personalise my individual journey.’ 

Karen O'Reilly

Absolutely wonderful to have some 'me' time in relaxing surroundings. The yoga was very gentle, slow paced, lots of stretching and breathing, not physically demanding at all. The candlelight's really add to the peaceful calm atmosphere. Found the end of the class where it is mindfulness and meditation based so lovely and restful. Eileen takes the time to explain why we do certain poses and how they can benefit both the mind and body. This class is my treat to myself. Cannot recommend this type of yoga enough! Thank You Eileen 

Simone Danagher

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