Eileen Sheehan

My name is Eileen Sheehan and I am the founder of Soulful Sanctuary. I am a qualified yoga teacher, reiki energy therapist, and mindfulness and meditation teacher. I also hold certifications in counselling and psychotherapy.


But I wasn’t always equipped with the skills that I have today. For 15 years I worked in the corporate world at senior management level. During this time, I experienced firsthand the stress and anxiety that cripples so many of us. I knew I could not live like this.


So, I decided to make a change.


I began practicing yoga 3 times a week. While this helped, I knew there was still something missing. I decided to take a hiking trip to Kathmandu, Nepal to get away from it all.


I loved my trip. It was truly life changing. I experienced how people live each day spiritually and it was eye-opening. This experience lit a fire inside me and I was determined to go deeper and learn even more.

Eileen Sheehan Wellness

Eileen Sheehan Wellness

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