Energy Healing

Peace of Mind and Inner Calm​

"I have had them previously and find them good for my emotional and spiritual well being and general balancing of the body. Eileen’s Reiki treatments I found particularly good on a spiritual and emotional level. It was a beautiful experience to be honest, and I felt renewed so to speak and very earthed.


It is very much a personal journey and no better person than Eileen to help one connect to the self or to Mother Earth. " Maura

During lockdown I wasn’t really enjoying things as much as some people seemed to be. I felt I was 100 miles and hour all the time. I spoke to Eileen and we arranged a distance Reiki session. I wasn’t sure what to expect but having discussed my feelings and needs with Eileen she carried out the session. I found it very relaxing and felt so much better the following day and into the weeks that followed.  With Eileen’s help I was able to be more grounded which really helped. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. Embrace it with an open mind.​


l had four sessions of Reiki with Eileen, I booked my first session at a quite a stressful time in my life and my mind was constantly racing. After the first session, l felt that a sense of peace and calm had re-entered both my mind and body, a feeling that l had not experienced in a while. I felt more balanced and grounded. I immediately booked the next session and was really starting to heal and come back to myself. Will be returning to this ASAP.​


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